Jampro JMHP-4 4 Bay Medium Power FM Antenna

The JAMPRO JMHP antenna is the medium power version of the horizontal ring series of antennas. The system is made up of horizontal ring radiators and is cable fed.

Max Input Power: 10 kW, Estimated Gain: 4.1x / 6.12 dBd, Input Size: 1-5/8" EIA, VSWR: 1.1:1 + 150 kHz.

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Item: JMHP-4


The JAMPRO Horizontal Ring series of antennas are horizontally polarized sidemount FM antenna systems consisting of a horizontal ring radiator and rigid coaxial feed lines.
JAMPRO Horizontal Ring antennas are constructed of durable noncorrosive brass and copper. All associated brackets and hardware are made of stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized steel for many years of dependable service. The JMHP is fed with a 1-5/8" interbay line and will handle a maximum input power of 10 KW. The JAMPRO horizontally polarized FM arrays are completely assembled and factory tuned on similar tower structures to insure proper impedance match and minimum VSWR. As an option, the circularity of the azimuth pattern can also be measured on JAMPRO's 7,000 ft. open field test range to determine the effect of the mounting structure on the antenna pattern. Custom directional patterns and reduced RFR arrays are also available.



  • Excellent Performance for Stereo and SCA Operation
  • Excellent VSWR Bandwidth
  • Rugged Mechanical Construction and Mounting
  • Horizontally Polarized
  • Frequency Range 88-108 MHz
  • Factory Tuned on a Similar Mounting Structure
  • DC Grounded at Every Bay for Maximum Lightning Protection
  • Made With Marine Brass and Copper for Long-Lasting Performance
  • •Optional Radomes Available
  • CC Directionalization Available



# of Bays Power Gain Gain (dB) Weight (lbs.) Windload (lbs)
1 .92 -0.37 103 157
2 2.0 3.0 217 363
4 4.2 6.22 444 776
6 6.4 8.05 672 1188
8 8.6 9.34 900 1601
10 11.0 10.4 1127 2013
12 13.2 11.2 1355 2425