** BW Broadcast TX300 V2 FM Transmitter

TX300 V2 FM Transmitter 30-300 watts (adjustable) RF output power. The most popular 300W FM transmitter in the world, the TX300 V2 can be found in many stations, community stations, emergency broadcast kits, military applications and as a truly reliable back-up transmitter or exciter for national broadcasters. Whatever the application, the TX300 V2 will take it in its stride. Now with built in 4-band DSPX audio processing, Ethernet control and FSK IDer.

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Item: TX300V2

“ The TX300 has been placed in service at the auxiliary site. It sounds gorgeous and is rock-steady. ”
  Dennis Jackson
Ridgefield Broadcasting Corp.
“ I am very impressed with BW Broadcast, Nice people to deal with, they seem to know their equipment and solve problems quickly. After buying 4 of their transmitters in a short time I was a little nervous about support but they came through with flying colors. ”
  Bob VanProyen
WFUR—and others…


The TX300 V2 (30 to 310 watt) FM transmitter is ideally suited for radio stations that demand BW Broadcast quality.

Integrated single box solutions incorporating the exciter, RF amplifier, power supply, stereo encoder and audio limiter, the TX300 V2 are can also serve as exciters for driving RF amplifiers.

Designed for pristine audio quality and unsurpassed reliability, thousands of BW Broadcast's FM transmitters are operating trouble-free in some of the world's most remote installations. With comprehensive features and creative design, the TX300 V2 is exceptional value for those on a budget but don't want to compromise on performance.

All BW Broadcast FM transmitters are loaded with features, such as a configurable compressor/limiter and front-panel LCD control interface. Underlying architecture includes a unique dual-loop Virtual VFO exciter, ultra-low distortion modulator and high performance stereo encoder integrated into a great performing, highly stable FM transmission system. Developed for global use, the TX300 is frequency agile and comply with all applicable CE, FCC and EU regulations.

The power amplifiers in the TX300 V2 is based on a modern MOSFET device. High power fans draw fresh air through the transmitter's heatsink to keep the transistor and amplifier cool. Amplifiers are protected from damage by temperature control systems and antenna fault (VSWR) monitoring which react to faults by reducing the output power to a safe operating level, keeping you on air rather than shutting down completely.

The Virtual VFO dual loop PLL system allows perfect audio flatness to below 10 Hz. AFC bounce and modulator overshoot are things of the past. Low bass can be achieved without distortion and overshoots, yet with greater stereo separation.

The TX300 is more configurable and flexible than other units in their class. The limiter and stereo encoder can be switched in and out of circuit. The rear panel contains XLR balanced inputs with input level controls, BNC for multiplex output from the internal digital stereo generator, BNC for multiplex input to the exciter for loop through operation and external processor input. RF output is via an N-Type socket.

An RS232 control and monitor system can be managed from a standard terminal program or BW Broadcast's included Windows application. Both units can also be supplied with an FSK ID keyer input for use in translator applications.

The new software update (v1.4) contains a much improved updated Ethernet interface. The new web based control system doesn't require software to be installed, so can be easily operated from any smart-phone (including Apple iPhones etc). The software release is not critical, but any customers using the transmitters Ethernet interface are advised to update to benefit from the new remote interface.



V2 Transmitters

  • Integrated processing is actually really good - the circuit is lifted directly from the DSPXminiFM. The only difference is that there is less user customisation than an external dedicated processor - you can choose a factory preset but not edit them
  • Ethernet remote comes as standard without any extra charge (unlike competitors). Does not need any software installed, we are also launching smartphone apps for Android and iPhone
  • Help tips built into the menu make it really easy to use, you just have to press one button to understand what each control does. Ideal for non-technical users
  • Integrated FSK Idler and morse generator, at no extra cost
  • Software controlled triggers and alarms for use with telemetry



  • 30-310 watts RF output power
  • 30+ miles Transmission range
  • XLR analogue/digital inputs
  • Composite input
  • Stereo encoder
  • Pre-emphasis audio limiter
  • DSPX multi-band processor inside
  • Antenna fault protection
  • VSWR and temp monitoring
  • Slide-in & Hot swap power supplies
  • RS232 remote control
  • 2 year international warranty




  • Power 30-300(300W) adjustable
  • Connector N-Type 50 Ohm
  • Harmonics better than -75 dBc
  • Spurious >90 dBc
  • Frequency 87.5 - 108 MHz
  • Frequency steps 50kHz from LCD 12.5kHz from internal switches
  • Frequency selection Internal switches or menu system
  • Frequency control type type Dual speed Phase locked loop
  • Frequency Stability +/- 500 Hz (fine adjustment available)
  • Modulation irect frequency modulation
  • Synchronous AM Noise 0.31% (at normal deviation)
  • Asynchronouse AM Noise 0.18% (at centre frequency of 97.7MHz)


  • MPX input / output connector 1.8kOhm (in) / >600 Ohm (out)
  • MPX input level -10dB to +10dB (adjustable)
  • MPX input / output response +/- 0.02 dB, 5 Hz to 100 kHz
  • Audio input connectors XLR balanced
  • Analog input impedance 10 kOhm
  • AES/EBU sampling rates 32kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz and 96kHz


  • Subcarrier Generation Microprocessor generated 8x over-sampled
  • Pilot 19kHz +/- 1 Hz (adjustable)
  • Pilot generation Microprocessor generated 16x over-sampled
  • Output level +6dBu (BNC)
  • 15 kHz filtering >80dB at 19kHz (DSP based)
  • Overshoot filter clipping (DSP based)
  • Spurious >80 kHz >60dBr ; >60 kHz >80dBr
  • Stereo separation >50dB (20Hz-15kHz)


  • Audio input levels -10dB to +24dB for level control, DSP auto levelling
  • Audio input connectors XLR balanced (RF shielded)
  • Input CMRR >60dB
  • Audio distortion <.05% at limiting 1 kHz (clarity mode)
  • Frequency response 20 Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.2dB (0 us Pre emphasis)
  • Limiter control range >40dB (0 us pre emphasis)
  • Input impedance 10k Ohm
  • Pre emphasis 50 μs,75 μs and 0 μs (off)
  • Process modes Multiple presets


  • Size 485mm x 350mm x 90mm
  • Weight 6.8kg
  • Voltage input 100 - 265 VAC
  • Power connector IEC C20 (C19 cable)
  • Switched mode approvals UL / TUV / CE
  • Power consumption 465W average @ 300W RF
  • Power 30.8W - 310.8W
  • Power supply type 2 x Slide-in / Hotswap
  • Connector N-type 50 Ohm
  • Approvals CE/RTTE, FCC certified, IC*



“Section 73.1660(a)(2) of the Commission’s Rules [47 C.F.R. 73.1660(a)(2)] requires that transmitters used in the Low Power FM Service must be certified for compliance. The TX300V2 is certified with FCC ID 2ABPH-TX300V2. Therefore, the transmitter is acceptable. Be aware that 47 C.F.R. 73.811 limits ERP of LPFM stations to 100 watts at 30 meters height above average terrain. Accordingly, a LPFM licensee intending to use the 339.6 W TX300V2 must show in its construction permit application that the ERP/HAAT limits will not be exceeded.”

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