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SCMS 11 Desktop Radio Package

Model Number: SCMS 11

SCMS 11 Desktop Radio Package




Desktop Radio Package Includes 8 Fader DMX console and engine, DJB Automation Bundle with On Air and Production Suite Software, SWIFT web training, One Station one year support phone and email, Proracks Air One rack mount computer, ONE monitor, with internet remote tracking, Professional Mic and arm, and a pair of powered speakers.


PR&E DMX 8 AoIP eight channel console w/ DMX engine

BRAND NEW! DMX AoIP console line has the rugged quality and practical functionality of the PR&E brand, but includes IP audio routing as an easy studio add-on.



•  Standalone production or on-air console with local inputs and outputs – no need for an Ethernet switch

•  Frame sizes for 8-, 16-fader channels

•  WheatNet-IP protocol with 1Gb connectivity - any source to any fader

•  Bus Minus (N-1) on each input channel

•  Four program busses

•  Built-in control room, studio, and headphone amplifier w/level control

•  Full dynamic and EQ functions on every channel

•  Unique knob with OLED on each channel for control of EQ, dynamics, sources, pan, mode, and more

•  Talkback and cue functions

•  Built-in timer

•  Six logic GP I/O ports for network control


DMX mix engine is configured: 2 mic inputs on XLRs, with all additional I/O on RJ-45 connectors: 4 analog inputs, 4 digital inputs, 4 analog outputs, 4 digital outputs, 2 digital mic outputs, Headphone output, Cue output, Studio output, and Control Room output. There are also 5 ethernet ports that will interface directly with optional I/O Razor modules, and a 1 Gb ethernet port for networking.

Optional I/O Razor can be 8 stereo or 16 mono in and/or out; available in analog, digital or analog/digital version.



DJB Radio Automation Components Bundle

High quality, affordable professional radio broadcasting software!

•  ONAIR software

•  Production Suite Software

•  S.W.I.F.T. web training

•  One Station – 1-year phone & email support

•  PROracks AIR ONE 1.5ru computer

•  One monitor – ASUS, ACER, BENQ or HP matched models

•  Internet Remote Voice Track Client


SCMS Inc. Broadcast Equipment Solutions

Adds to this package …   

•  2 PRO grade powered speakers  

•  1 PRO grade microphone  

•  1 PRO grade mic arm



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