AEQ PHOENIX ALIO PHOENIX ALIO IP audiocodec for portable use


    PHOENIX ALIO IP audiocodec for portable use, 80-250 V 50/60 Hz external power adapter, carrying case and documentation. Portable Stereo IP Audiocodec. Digital mixer with four analog inputs equalized and a remote control software. Dual channel stereo option. With carrying case, 2 V DC power supply and 110/220 V external power supply, 50/60 Hz and UPS option. It can connect to other codecs from most manufacturers thanks to the SIP communications protocol, according to N/ACIP Tech 3326 EBU standard. But when connecting to another AEQ codec, users can take advantage of an exclusive set of tools that makes the establishment of communication and the control of the unit a simple task; with other AEQ codecs ALIO can use Smart RTP for easy connection and OPUS codecs and will have Help function for remote support available. In addition to the normal program return an optional additional channel for coordination or backup can be installed. 4 high quality Microphone preamps with phantom power and 2 stereo line inputs, all with bass and treble control and 2 headphone outputs. Phoenix ALIO can also be operated through 3G / 4G connectivity, subject to availability from telecoms service provider. The equipment includes carrying case

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