AEQ STRATOS IP/RDSI Dual channel, full duplex, RDSI / IP Audio Codec


    Dual channel, full duplex, RDSI / IP Audio Codec – designed for use with a wide array of communications connections and full list of codec protocols. The unit connects with virtually any IP/ISDN codec on the market as well as Phoenix Studio, Phoenix Mobile, Venus 3, Mercury, ALIO, TALENT, Eagle, Course ISDN, SWING, MPAC and TLE02 codecs. Housed in a single rack unit, the Phoenix Stratos has two independent codecs which are used to establish stereo, mono, dual, or joint stereo feeds. It allows ethernet port for IP connectivity, X.21/V.35 interface for point-to-point, full-duplex links and ISDN (EUR and Nat1).Redundant Power Supply. Included free license in AEQ SIP Server

    More on the way