Atlas Sound 4WPLAYER1 Media Player for GDS-4Wª Digital Signage Platform


    The 4WPLAYER1 is a ruggedized, compact and powerful media player within the GDS-4W™ Digital Signage Platform. The 4WPLAYER1 incorporates an Intel® Atom® Processor and HD graphics card. It supports up to 1080P@ 60fps resolution on a single display monitor. Connection to a monitor can be achieved by the HDMI or VGA port. The HDMI port also provides stereo 2-channel audio. The 4WPLAYER1 connects to the network via an integrated RJ-45 Ethernet port or optional Wi-Fi connection. The unit has a 60GB solid state storage drive and 2GB memory. Each 4WPLAYER1 includes the GDS-4W™ Client Application that runs as a background service in the players operating system with setup easily done within the GDS-4W™ Server Application. The player receives content from the server, stores locally onto the device, and automatically displays the generated media to the connected video displays. Storing the content locally onto each 4WPLAYER1 allows media to still be displayed even in the event of local area network failure or disconnection. The 4WPLAYER1 provides a secure installation through a custom VESA / wall mount plate mount and Kensington lock option. A simple installation is achieved through a steady data stream via integrated gigabit Ethernet, onboard HDMI and VGA ports providing smooth HD video playback for a true plug and play experience. The 4WPLAYER1 with GDS-4W™ Client Application provides enterprisegrade digital signage to a GLOBALCOM.IP system. With GDS-4W™, facilities can visually engage customers, employees, and visitors across displays and mobile devices throughout a building. Advertise products and services Share calendar events Show news information Display emergency alerts Provide interactive wayfinding

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