Atlas Sound IED1516LI 16 Input Logic Module


    The 1516LI is a network logic input device used to interface with an IED GLOBALCOM® announcement control system. It provides 16 optically-isolated inputs that can be driven using dry contact closures or 0 to 50VDC logic signals. A green LED is provided above each input that illuminates when activated. The announcement controller is configured using the GLOBALCOM® System Management Center software where logic inputs can be used to launch announcements, pre-recorded messages, events, or fault reports. The device receives its power over IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) and communicates with other system devices over the Ethernet network. The maximum power consumption from the PoE switch is 4-watts if the 1516LI-E expansion module is used. The maximum power consumption is 3 watts if the expansion unit is not used. If PoE equipment is not available, an input is provided for an alternate 48VDC power supply. A green LED is provided to show that the unit is powered on.

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