Atlas Sound SHS-3T2-B Multi-function Strategically Hidden Speaker (Black)


    The SHS-3T2 includes a single full-ranger driver housed in a multifunction enclosure providing high-definition sound. The transducer is attached to the SHS’s tunnel waveguide to take the sound performance to the next level. As the sound exits the waveguide, it travels through the patented adaptive dispersion lens that acts as a phase plug. The acoustic result is all frequencies are radiated evenly and annoying “hot spots” found directly below the speakers are minimized. This makes the SHS not only a great solution for sound and music reinforcement, but also a great sound masking speaker as well. The SHS-3T2 can be mounted in one of three ways: wall mounted, pendant mounted or in-ceiling mounted. The included wall mount offers up to 90° variable angle to ensure optimum position and performance no matter where it is installed. For open ceiling applications, the SHS-3T2 can utilize the included steel mounting cable. The top of the mounting bracket is also threaded so standard ceiling fan mount down pipe hardware can also be used where required. The mounting bracket can be removed when in-ceiling installation is required to minimize its height in the ceiling. An optional tile bridge, model SHS-3T2-TB, is available for drop tile ceiling installations. Once installed in the ceiling, the speaker is concealed using a patented 3″ diameter dispersion lens with a micro trim ring. Once installed, the visual appearance is reduced to the size of a high-end ceiling sprinkler head. The SHS-3T2 can become a true chameleon through AtlasIED’s DesignLab. AtlasIED offers custom color matching via UV printer that enables an integrator to submit an image or sample of the ceiling. Then, using a state-of-the-art print service, a custom lens and trim ring that matches the submitted sample will be shipped to the customer. For more information about the custom DesignLab process, visit The SHS-3T2 ships with the ability to utilize the Adaptive Dispersion Lens in three different configurations for various applications. Sound masking installations and installations with low ceilings (less than 10′) should use the 4mm dispersion lens with solid panel attached. Installations with ceilings between 10′ and 14′ should use the 8mm dispersion lens with the solid panel attached. Installations with ceiling heights above 14′ or in applications that require maximum intelligibility, the 4mm direct fire lens should be used with the perforated panel attached. The SHS-3T2 can be connected to any 70V / 100V amplifier using standard 2-conductor commerical speaker wire with the included removable 4-pole euro style connector. Additionally, when used with an AtlasIED Z-Series High-Definition Acoustical System the speakers can be connected using Cat5e cable. Each SHS-3T2 features “in” and “out” Cat5e terminals making it easy to daisy chain speakers to the Z-Series source unit.

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