Auralex J30SHBL_PLUS SheetBlok-Plus 30


    (1) 48″ x 360″ SheetBlok Plus Sound Barrier
    Mineral Fiber Insulation offers superior acoustic performance with and NRC of 1.00 (2″) and 1.05 (4″). It has a thermal performance with and R-Value of 4.20 (per inch of thickness). Since Auralex Mineral Fiber has a nominal density of 8 pounds per cubic foot (PCF), it is preferred in use of wall, floor and ceiling construction for reducing sound transmission when compared to most standard thermal fiberglass insulation. Mineral Fiber is most effective when used in combination with RC-8 Resilient Channel and SheetBlok Sound Barrier (wall and ceiling isolation) or U-Boat Floor Floaters and SheetBlok Sound Barrier (floor isolation).

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