Auralex PROPAD_4PK ProPAD 4pk


    (4) 2.125″ x 8″ x 13″ ProPAD set, (4pc/set, each set decouples 2 speakers)
    The award-winning Auralex ProPADs feature a durable, three layer highlydamped construction that provides superior isolation from thevibrations and resonant energy created by the studio monitors,preventing this energy from being transmitted into the supportingfurniture. ProPADs are constructed with a flat AuralexPlatFoam base layer and includes an additional PlatFoamwedge for angled applications. ProPADs are extremely useful fordecoupling monitors and reducing structural vibrations.ProPAD & ProPAD-XLs are a premium version of our currentbest-selling MoPADs.

    More on the way