Auralex SLITE_CT_WWD SonoLite Bass Trap Wedgewood


    SonoLite Bass Trap Wedgewood – One Wedgewood Sono Lite Corner Trap Panel (2/1). The Auralex SonoLite Bass Trap panel offers a more affordable, high performing, low frequency absorption solution to your room’s bass issues. Its 2′ x 2′ rear mitered profile is perfect for corner mounting, but can also be flat mounted on a wall or ceiling. At the core of each panel is 3 inches of our industry leading Studiofoam, allowing the SonoLite Bass Trap to achieve an A mount, NRC rating of 1.15. DST-LENRD Bass Traps can be added behind corner-mounted SonoLite Bass Traps for even better low-end control.