Deva Broadcast DB7007 Advanced FM Radio Re-Broadcast Receiver with IP Audio & MP3 Backup Players


    DB7007 is a second generation digitally-tuned FM Re-Broadcast Receiver. Considering the needs of the most demanding broadcasters and continuously supplementing new features to our devices, DEVA has enhanced DB7007 to be smarter and fully functional unit, equipped with two high-selective DSP-based FM tuners.Thanks to the built-in monitoring system, upon audio loss at the inputs, DB7007 will not only notify the maintenance staff, but will also automatically switch to the second back-up RF Station. In case a fail of the second station is detected, DB7007 will shift to the incorporated IP Stream, MP3/AAC back-up audio source player. It is essential that the back-up sources priority is user-defined. The IF bandwidth filters guarantees unprecedented signal selectivity, while the difficult adjacent-channel problem will be completely solved. DB7007 is designed by broadcasters for broadcasters to serve you solve the most critical re-broadcast scenarios.

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