Deva Broadcast DB8009-MPX – MPX & Audio Silence Monitor with Advanced Backup Capabilities


    DB8009-MPX guarantees highly dependable monitoring of the Composite Stereo signal, Analog and Digital Audio feed and in case of signal loss automatically switches over to a backup source. The most notable advantage of this product, however, are the MPX inputs and outputs providing reliable MPX backup capability. In addition to that, it also offers built-in MP3 and IP Audio backup source options and incorporates a fully DSP-based core. Another important feature is its capability for alert notifications which, in case radio silence is detected, can be generated via email, SNMP or analog opto-coupled outputs. The device provides UPnP for easy discovery in local networks, as well as digital volume control of all audio sources, and can be incorporated effortlessly into the setup of either a single station or large radio networks.

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