Digital Alert Systems DASMP MultiPlayer Four channel discrete audio player


    Digital Alert Systems MultiPlayer – Four (4) channel independent audio player and program switcher with all-channel master bypass override supports three EAS operational modes: simultaneous, sequential, and staggered and independent audio playback under AMC. Field configurable for signal type; four (4) AES, or four (4) analog mono channels, 2 channels of AES and 1 stereo analog, or 2 channels of analog stereo. Four (4) contact closure in’s and two (2) out’s for each channel plus one (1) in and one (1) out for Master bypass. Front panel indicators show channel status for Alert Pending and On-Air for each channel and Power and Master for all channels. Uses standard TCP/IP (Ethernet 10/100/1000 baseT) network connection to any DASDEC or AMC as a host. Compact single rack design with standard XLR connectors simplifies installation and wiring. Combined DASDEC and MultiStation provides independent station identification and alert handling for up to five streams.

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