DM Engineering ULT-MINI Hand Held Remote Controls w/ LCD Sign and RWT Automation Interface


    The DM Engineering Ultimate Mini series of Hand Held Remote Controls with LCD Sign and RWT Automation Interface is an economical solution for studio control of the most common functions for the Sage-Endec.


    BACKLIT 20 CHARACTER LCD SCROLLING DISPLAY showing date, time, and alert details, just like the LED sign display.
    ATTENTION GETTING STROBE to catch your eye when an alert is pending or has been sent, and the color is tailored to the severity of the alert.
    An EXTRA SMALL FOOTPRINT (6.3 X 3.75 X 1.15) can be hand held, mount it on the desk top or stick it up on the wall or studio window. Supplied with hook and loop fastener material so you can stick it up just about anywhere. Single Cat 5 connection.
    DEDICATED PUSHBUTTONS to initiate: (Ultimate Mini) – SEND AN RWT, RELAY A PENDING ALERT OR RMT, KILL A PENDING ALERT, AND CLEAR SIGN. (Ultimate Mini-LP) – All of the funcitons of the Mini, plus: SEND AN RMT HEADER SEND AN RMT EOM.
    An AUTOMATION INTERFACE that will allow contact closures from your automation or any normally open contact or switch to initiate an RWT.
    No complicated menus to sort through, one button control.
    DB9 Interface Module, Power Supply, User Guide, and hook loop fastener material are provided, along with 50′ of Cat 5e cable with RFI supression. Cable length may be extended up to several hundred feet with no adverse reaction.


    Case Dimensions: 6.3″ wide X 3.75″ deep X 1.15″
    Case Material and Color: high impact ABS plastic, bone grey
    LCD Display Dimensions: 3.16 X 0.8
    Character Size: .25″ X .125″ 1×20
    LCD Display: Yellow Backlight
    Connection Method: 50′ Category 5e cable with RJ45 connectors and ferrite RFI supressor, supplied. Extension cables available.
    DB9 interface (2 Endec COM ports required) with automation control screw terminal connections and power input connector
    Sage-Endec Configuration: Serial RS 232, configured for (1) Hand Control @ 9600 baud, (2) LED Sign @ 9600 baud
    Power: External power supply (supplied), Input – 120VAC 50-60Hz, Output: 9VDC @ 500 ma, connected at the Interface Module
    Power supply cord length: 6ft.
    Mounting: Hand Held, Desktop, or Stick Up with supplied hook and loop fastener material
    Operating temperature: 32 to 120F
    Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
    Shipping Weight: approximately 4 lbs.

    More on the way