Ecreso EFM300-FULL ECRESO FM Transmitter w/ Communication Pack


Ecreso FM 300W, benefit from a Fully Digitally controled Analog FM transmitter (max 350W) with the lowest operating cost and including many built-in features.

– True Direct-to-Channel Digital Exciter for highest signal quality / perfect audio fidelity
– Digital Stereo Encoder
– Configurable FSK ID
– Dynamic RDS encoder including standard RDS parameters (PI, PS, TP, TA, MS, PTY, PTYN, DI, AF, RT), 2 DSN/PSN, and PS scrolling compatible with most automation systems via ASCII commands (e.g. artist name and song title display)

5 Band Sound Processor:
– Single digital processing from audio to RF,
– Low Latency, Powerful DSP based algorithms,
– Gated and predictive automatic gain control, Equalization, Bass and Treble Enhancers, Stereo Enhancer and Limiter, 5 Band Processors, 5 Band Limiters, HF and Final Limiters
– Complete set of audio presets,
– Intuitive GUI with settings and vu meters (web based) for an easy fine tuning of your sonic signature

Audio inputs:
– Analog and Digital audio inputs / 2 Composite inputs / MPX over AES compatibility
– Silence detectors on all program inputs with intelligent and automatic failover and recovery
– Audio backup from µSD card

– Remote monitoring and control via intuitive and secured Web Interface (TCP/IP) and Telnet
– Local control via front panel display and RS232 com ports
– Full SNMP Management and control
– Alarms by Email and SNMP Traps
– Analog GPIO board for main alarms monitoring and control (RF off/on, standby…) and analog metering (forward power, temperature…)

Advanced Monitoring:
– Web based Advanced Measurement Interface with real-time RF, MPX and audio spectrum analysers
– Graphical history logs over 24h (temperature sensors, current, voltage, RF, consumption…)
– Automation and Scheduler: automate any action when an alarm is detected or at specific time

– RF output: N type, 50Ω
– Up to 70% overall efficiency
– Voltage: 100VAC to 264VAC, 47Hz – 63Hz (Single phase)
– Robust and easy to maintain 2U chassis with modular internal design
– Lightning protection module

Support & Aftersales:
– Warranty: 3 year in standard, 10 year as an option
– Local Technical Support Office in United States (Miami, FLORIDA)

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