Ecreso EFM3000-BASIC ECRESO FM 3KW Basic FM Transmitter


Ecreso delivers up to 76% overall efficiency, consuming less power and generating less heat, increasing lifespan. The direct to frequency digital modulator incorporates RDS, stereo generator, FSK and more all standard, and can also host the optional user-adjustable 5 band audio processor. Ecreso also offers an optional 10 year warranty. There are 20,000+ Ecreso transmitters broadcasting at over 10,000 sites worldwide, making them one of the most trusted transmitter brands available today.

With the Ecreso FM 3kW, benefit from a Fully Digitally controled Analog FM transmitter (max 3300W) with the lowest operating cost and including many built-in features.

– True Direct-to-Channel Digital Exciter for highest signal quality / perfect audio fidelity
– Digital Stereo Encoder
– Configurable FSK ID
Wide Band Sound Processor:
– Single digital processing from audio to RF,
– Low Latency, Powerful DSP based algorithms,
– Gated and predictive automatic gain control, HF and Final Limiters
– Complete set of audio presets,
Audio inputs:
– Analog and Digital audio inputs / 2 Composite inputs / MPX over AES compatibility
– Silence detectors on all program inputs with intelligent and automatic failover and recovery
– Audio backup from µSD card
– Remote monitoring and control via intuitive and secured Web Interface (TCP/IP) and Telnet
– Local control via front panel display and RS232 com ports
– Full SNMP Management and control
– Alarms by Email and SNMP Traps
– Analog GPIO board for main alarms monitoring and control (RF off/on, standby…) and analog metering (forward power, temperature…)
RF output: EIA 7/8 type, 50Ω
– Up to 76% overall efficiency
– Voltage: 184VAC to 264VAC, 47Hz – 63Hz (Single phase) or 340 – 457 VAC (3 phase WYE + Neutral)
– 3 RF amplifying pallets with new planar design and active redundancy
– 2 hot swappable and parallel power supplies for high redundancy
– 4 Hot swappable fans
– Robust and easy to maintain 3U chassis with modular internal design
Support & Aftersales:
– Warranty: 3 year in standard, 10 year as an option
– Local Technical Support Office in United States (Miami, FLORIDA)

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