GatesAir HARGX5 Flexiva GX 5kW (analog power) Solid-state FM Transmitter w/ Integrated FM Exciter

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GatesAir HARGX5 Flexiva GX 5kW (analog power) solid-state FM transmitter with Integrated FM Exciter
Features Include:
– Integrated Direct to Channel Digital FM modulator includes Stereo Encoder Auto-switching analog L/R (2), AES-EBU audio (2) and composite (2) inputs, Two (2) SCA baseband inputs, Ext. 10MHZ and 1 PPS inputs
– Four (4) 1.5kW RF amplifier modules
– Three (3) “Hot Pluggable” auto-ranging power supply
– Internal/External Exciter Auto-switching
– Internal harmonic filter
– RF Power Output (Average): FM Power 500W – 5500W
– 1 5/8 inch EIA RF output connector
– Built-in MOV transient voltage suppression on incoming AC mains lines
– Proportional VSWR fold-back for safe operation at reduced power into marginal loads
– RF ramp-up to minimize turn-on transients
– Air filter serviceable while transmitter is in operation
– Meets or exceeds all applicable FCC, Industry Canada, CCIR and IEC 60215 standards, RoHS compliant
– Front panel control and metering
– Built-in parallel interface for remote control, status and metering; RFI and transient protected
– RF directional couplers for system protection and RF sample probe for customer use
– Automatic restart after AC mains interruption; returns to previous operational mode
– Web Remote for use in remote diagnostics using customer’s PC
– SNMP for basic network control and monitoring
– All system technical manuals and final test data provided
– Rack mountable
Specify With Order:
Carrier Frequency: _________ MHz (87-108MHz; 10 kHz steps)

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