Kathrein CL-1469B/50 470-862 MHz RADOME LOG-PERIODIC ANTENNA


    The KUSA CL-1469B is a ruggedly built, linearly polarized log-periodic antenna designed for professional UHF-TV transmit and receive applications. Like all KUSA antennas, the CL-1469B is made of the finest materials using state of the art electrical and mechanical designs resulting in superior performance and long service life. The rugged fiberglass radome protects the antenna from icing and assures stable pattern and gain performance under adverse environmental conditions.The CL-1469B may be used stand alone or in arrays for higher gain, increased side-lobe suppression, or custom azimuth patterns.*The CL-1469B covers all 6, 7, and 8 MHz UHF-TV channels worldwide (bands IV/V).

    SKU: CL-1469B/50-93900-002