Moseley Rincon 413 IP/T1/E1 Audio Transporter 1X3 AES & Analog I/O


    Moseley Rincon is a Software Defined Audio Transport product optimized to deliver multichannel digital audio over IP, TDM or Radio links and networks simultaneously.
    Rincons ability to leverage network choices and low purchase price gives excellent return on investment.


    4 stereo channels per unit provides high payload capacity, supports multi-station clusters
    4×0 or 2×2 bidirectional to provide backhaul audio for downlink or RPU or confidence monitor
    Very low delay for critical real-time broadcasts
    AES/EBU and Analog XLR connectors and integrated Analog and AES / Audio Switcher for operators ease of useChoice of Linear Uncompressed, MPEG2/3, AAC LC/LD, G722/G711 and apt-X maximizes performance over any network topology
    Simultaneous E1/T1, IP and Radio transport allows broadcasters to select the most cost effective network available
    Provides main/backup audio paths over separate networks with automatic switchover *
    Integrated Ethernet Switch for QOS to make sure your audio gets through the traffic
    Integrated Web Server/SNMP Agent for ease of initial setup
    Manage Rincon from your iPhone or BlackBerry
    Auto negotiation of parameters between units makes it easily deployed and field configurable *
    Unicast/Multicast RS-232 channels for RDS or device control
    Built-in Silence Detectors on all channels will initiate a backup *
    8 Alarm and 3 Status conditions are transported across the link
    100 parameters may be mapped to alarms or status reporting
    Stores and plays back 100 hours of backup audio to cover for any network outage *

    * – denotes feature upgrade – consult factory

    SKU: Rincon 413