Omnia Audio Omnia.9sg Stereo Generator (with RDS)


    More than just a stereo generator, Omnia.9sg is a final-stage processor that provides an incredible FM composite toolset. Omnia.9sg is ideally suited for split processing situations where the main processor is located at the studio and final-stage processing and stereo generation must be handled at the transmitter. Omnia.9sg can be used in conjunction with any processor to both improve quality and increase loudness. It features an all-new psychoacoustically controlled distortion-masking clipper thatÕs louder, cleaner, and more efficient, resulting in lower latency. The latest software update offers Livewire+ AES67, making it completely AES67-compliant. Installing an Omnia.9sg at multiple transmitter sites allows a station to use the same main processor at the studio to feed many sites, representing a potential cost savings and consistent processing between the main and auxiliary sites. Omnia.9sg can now store audio on its SSD for internal file playback. The playback system can be used as a backup audio source, or for the insertion of local ads, IDs, weather, etc. To support local playout at the transmitter, Omnia.9sg includes a built-in 4-band processor. Based upon the dynamics processing found in Omnia.7 and Omnia.9, it includes stellar-sounding presets designed specifically to work with Omnia.9sgÕs clipper. Optionally, this internal processing can be licensed to process auxiliary input streams, turning your Omnia.9sg into a competitive backup processor.Other features include: NfRemote software with embedded audio streaming; optional RDS encoder supports UECP protocol; built-in http server with push support for dynamic RDS data; selectable SSB (single sideband) stereo encoding; RF bandwidth controller; ITU-R BS.412 power limiter for European countries; Auto Pilot turns off pilot for mono content; relay bypass including composite pass-through; built-in internal playback capability with processing; Omnia Toolbox with oscilloscope, FFT, and RTA; dual redundant power supplies; two composite inputs, two composite outputs.

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    SKU: 2001-00420