Quasar Quasar Split SR Frame Rear I/O Kit


    The Quasar Split SR Frame Rear I/O Kit is required to convert a standard Quasar frame into a Quasar SR Split Frame. It must be ordered together with the second (or third) Split frame, only in case of an SR console Installation, and it will be installed at the factory. The kit includes a 2.0m (6ft) cable for linking the Split frame to the Main frame.

    This kit enables the use of two Quasar frames to make a split-frame SR system. The kit consists of a different rear I/O module to provide the necessary USB connectivity between the two frames. This kit is only needed with Quasar SR style consoles as those modules use USB connections. If you are building a split-frame Quasar XR system this kit is not needed as all the XR modules connect through Ethernet which is part of the standard rear I/O module included with the frames.

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