Telos VSet6 Telephone


    The Telos VSet6 phone has an LCD color display with Telos Status Symbols to feed talent instant information about line and caller status. VSet6 works with up to 6 phone lines; info-rich display shows caller ID for each line, along with time ringing-in or on-hold, and screener comments from the XScreen software application. VSet6 gives talent flexibility. Map groups of lines to a single fader, take a queue of calls to air sequentially. Controls let talent step through queued calls, “busy” incoming lines, lock calls on-air, or start an external recording device. Telos-exclusive “Next Call” key speeds workflow for producers, screeners, and talent. Built-in address book and call history log. Each VSet6 has its own web server for easy remote configuration and software upgrades. Power options include PoE (Power over Ethernet) from an Axia xSwitch or Telos-approved switch, or included in-line power injector. Stands 4.9″ (123 cm) tall, dimensions of 12″ x 7″ (29.5 x 18 cm). Max power consumption: 15.4 Watts.

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